Thursday, June 08, 2006

Significant Lapse in Judgment

Yesterday morning, I stopped by a friend's house a few blocks away. This friend, and her neighbors, had planned to take a litter of kittens to the rescue league that morning. When I arrived, I helped round up the kittens and one by one, I handed them off to be taken away. And then I picked this adorable little thing up: all gray fluff, blue-green eyes, the size of my hand, and no hissing or spitting at all. I was paralyzed.

Now, I must give a bit of background. Two and a half years ago, Nick and I got two kittens at Animal Friends--Mona and Milo. They were from the same litter and were fabulous. Part of what we loved was how they interacted with each other. A year and a half after we got them, Milo needed to be put down because of an incurable disease that was making him weaker and weaker. After that, we knew we wanted another kitten. So, when it was time, we got another cat--Jack Pippen. Jack was a crazy cat, and to be fair everyone who knows him believes that he is actually a dog. Seriously. Jacko terrorized Mona with his constant eagerness to play and surprise. Mona began eating so quickly so that Jack wouldn't eat her food, and then she would immediately go throw up. Once she began taking a daily shit on our bed, we knew that the anxiety was at a breaking point (ours) and it was time for Jack to move on. We moved Jack Pippen to the eastern side of the state to live with Nick's parents. He's incredibly happy there: they wanted a dog--he acts like a dog, and he gets to be outside in suburbia and catch mice and ground critters all day. Very happy. Mona is also thrilled. She loves being a single cat. Her personality emerges when there are no other cats around. So, as you can see, we had sort of settled with the idea that we are a Mona only house.

Until yesterday when I completely forgot everything, and brought this kitten home. (If Nick had not taken the camera to Indiana this week, I would be posting a picture so that you would realize that this really was not my fault.)

I called the vet and asked questions about bringing the kitten into the house, how much it would cost for different things, etc. Then it hit me--this was really stupid. So, I tried to take the kitten to the rescue league to be returned to her siblings. The woman at the desk said I need to either pay for her or have my paperwork for her--neither of which made any sense, and so I left...with the kitten.

At this point, I didn't know what to do. But, I had an appointment and didn't have time to play games with the rescue league. I called a friend and did that horrible thing of completely tempting them with something they'd love, but hadn't planned to do --and it worked! I think. They stopped by last night and seemed completely taken--how couldn't they be, Mimi was perfect. (Yes, I named her.) Since I wasn't staying at home last night, they took her to think about it. If they decide they don't want her, Nick and Mona may just have to get over the house rule.

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