Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wonderful Neighbors

A few posts ago, I brought up my frustrations with some of my neighbors. Since that time, I've been reminded of some of the wonderful people who live on my street. It is these neighbors who I would hate to leave if we would move.

This is a picture of the birthday cake that a neighbor brought me this past weekend. It is seriously as delicious as it looks. I can't even tell you--I seriously was "Mmm-mm"ing with every bite.

The same week, a neighbor who owns a body shop helped me out with my car and gave me a very generous discount.

There are three other couples our age who live on this street and we get together for dinner every now and then. Every time we do, I appreciate the diversity of the group and how comfortable we are together, but mostly I love how much we laugh.

We recently said goodbye to Mary as she left to join the US Marines. We hope to welcome a baby to the group this week yet--Jonathan and Kaethe are due this coming Sunday. It feels wonderful to share life with the people that you know simply because they live near you. You always know that someone else is watching out for you and that there is always someone to call for a cup of sugar or to watch trashy TV or even to crash on a couch.

These are just some of the wonderful people that I live near, and I feel blessed, because I know that not many people feel so supported by and connected to their immediate neighbors. It's important for me to remember this on the days that I am struggling to handle the chaos on either side of my walls.

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