Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I think I'd enjoy them more if I was deaf.

On Friday night, Lancaster City had their big fireworks show. My parents live in downtown Lancaster, and so they are very very close.

When the show began, I was washing my face in the bathroom. Not knowing that the holiday fireworks were scheduled to happen the last day of June this year, I was scared shitless when they began, and I nearly fell into the sink.

Several years now, I have managed to be at their house for the annual fourth of July fireworks. I am able to lie in bed on their third floor and see it all. Its very beautiful actually, but I really hate it. It is so loud. And I am able to feel each explosion throughout my entire body.

As I watched the fireworks on Friday, I thought, "I'd enjoy this more if I was deaf." Seriously. I'd be able to see the beautiful lights. I'd even be able to feel the vibrations--suggesting the grandness of it all. But, I would not have to hear the sounds of explosions and be reminded of the people who lie in bed listening to the bombs exploding around their homes, stiff with fear.

I find it disturbing that the sound of bombs that our country uses to celebrate our freedom are the very same noises that many people hear, knowing that they are anything but free.

(It's a great picture...but it isn't mine.)

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