Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am going to explode.

For the last four months I have been dreaming of purchasing a new SLR digital camera. I finally saved up the money and was ready to make the purchase six weeks ago. This process has been hell since that point.

I originally ordered the Nikon D50 from one online company five and a half weeks ago. Twenty-four hours after confirming the order, I recieved an email from shipping that it was backordered. So, I called to find out how long. Three weeks. Okay, I can be patient. Three weeks. At three weeks, I called ago. Now it was three-six weeks. So I called again the next week. No release date has been given. After five weeks with no known release date, I cancelled.

Yesterday, I placed another order with a different company for the Canon Digital Rebel. I called today to confirm the order-per request, and learned that what I had agreed to purchase was a oversees model, and it wouldn't work here. But, for $199 I could get the US model! I checked, it says this no where on the site. So, I canceled.

I tried another online company and decided to forgo the package (which I was only purchasing b/c it didn't change the price). This place was at least straight forward. I called to place the order and get this...the first thing they did? They checked to see if they had it! Go figure. Unfortuantely, they did not. And they won't again until late September at the soonest. I said, "thanks anyway," and hung up.

I'm frustrated beyond explanation. I have a total of six different reasons I need this camera in the next two weeks. (1) a wedding, (2) a pregnant belly, (3) Pgh bridges--before the city turns winter, (4) Pgh churches--again, before winter, (5) a birth, (6) pictures of all of our house renovations. I want to scream. I don't know if I can pay as much as the walk-in-the-door retailers are asking. I may not have a choice. I may have to let it go or find a way to pull together some more money.

This has been very very frustrating.

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