Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Canning Salsa

This morning I decided that it was time to dice up the three bags of tomatoes and peppers sitting on the counter and make some salsa. I have known all summer that I want to do some canning this year, but once it was time seasonally, I continued to put it off. Thanks to seconds from friends, I really couldn't anymore.

It has been about six years since I last made a salsa. And, if I am going to be honest, it was damn good. I received tons of compliments on it and scribbled down the list of what I threw and tucked it away. But, where? I can't remember anything that I put into it other than the obvious and although I haven't tasted it yet, I'm already disappointed. To top it off, my hands smell like tomatoes....a smell that doesn't really do much for me.

While I haven't made a big batch of salsa in about six years, I haven't actually canned ever. So, today is a first for me. And I hope the instructions mom gave me that I scribbled in my journal translate to a successful "pop!"

Worst case scenario? If the flavor is flat, we'll doctor up the flavor when we open the jars. Or, if it doesn't seal, we'll hand them out to all of our friends and encourage them to eat it soon. Either way, we've got 12 quarts of salsa on the stove.

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