Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Bindings

On Monday I thought to myself, I must finish preparing all of these books for binding before my new Keith Smith book arrives. And as I folded my last piece of paper on the last book, the door bell rang. It was the mailman and he had my book. Perfect timing!

Here are pictures of the first four books I've made using new bindings that I learned from Smith's vol. III. Whenever I learn a new binding, I always do it by the book the first time and then do it at least once more immediately to solidify it in my mind. However, the second time, I often bind with variations from the original instructions.

These first two books are a simple 1-needle coptic variation 1. The one on the left was the first that I did and it alternates a kettle stitch and link stitch (I think). On the second, I changed the pattern and did not follow the every other method shown in the book.

This is the Greek Sewing. The book on the right was my first try. Smith indicated that it could only be done with a minimum of 20 sections. (Who needs a book that large???) After completing the first, I was unsure of how that was true and so I bound a 10 section book instead. I can understand how doing less than eight may not work, but otherwise, it seems pretty much the same to me.

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