Friday, August 25, 2006


I awakened this morning to a lovely email. It is obviously scam or spam or something. But, does "she" want money or is a virus? I marked it as junk and deleted it...but not before copying the body to share with you. I mean, who falls for this?

"Greetings to you in the name of God Almighty,
I am Madam Rose Pallasigui. A citizen of Gambia, widow to the late former minister of finance in Philippine who died on 15th of May 2005. My husband fell sick and he was flown to France for treatment but later died of ulcer and he has been buried.
I inherited a total sum of ( 4.5 million dollars) from my late husband, this money which is concealed in a metallic trunk box is deposited with a security and finance company here in Philippine. Due to the instruction I laid down before I deposited the box that I needed maximum security/safety of my consignment and no body nor government organization can trace the where about of the box until I am ready and prepare to claim it. for this reason the security company used their diplomatic means to send the box out of Philippines to Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire where they have their underground secrete vault. This deposit was coded under a secret arrangement as a family treasure. This means that the security company does not know the content of this trunk box that was sent from the Philippine to Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire under a diplomatic coverage for safe keeping.
My main purpose of sending you this mail is because of the way I found you and perhaps trustworthy to give you this priority of shipping the box of money to any address that you think is very secure and save in your country with your percentage of which we shall chat on soon.In fact, since the death of my husband, his brothers has been seriously chasing me around with constant treats, trying to suppress me so that they might have the documents of his landed properties and confiscate them. They have successfully collected all his properties, yet they never stopped there, they told me to surrender all bank account of my late husband, which I did, but I never disclose to them this deposit with the security company in Abidjan- Côte d’Ivoire, because this is where my future and destiny lies upon.
The family of my late husband never aware of the secret existence of this deposit which I made with the security company and they can never be aware of it. Out of fear of my late husbands family, and when the situation becomes uncontrollable because of pressure on me from the Government of the Philippines, I decide to look for a trustworthy person who could assist me retrieve this box of money from the security company for onward lodgement into his account for the purpose of future investment. Consider my situation as a widow and come to my rescue. There is need for urgent action because I'm paying $30 dollars per day as a demurrage to the security company for safe keeping this consignment.. I will send you the Authorization Certificate to call them in my next mail which is the Certificate of deposit informations that they gave me on the very day when the box of money was deposited under their company. I will like you to get back to me on my private email id on --------."

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hippiepotomus said...

I've gotten similar scam messages! They are strange? It seems like a lot of trouble to go to and every time, I am so intrigued by them. We should do some research and find the root of these.