Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some Art

On Tuesday, Nick and I picked our friend, Matt, up at the airport. Matt was Nick's college roommate and incidently the person who introduced us. (At the time he was introducing his best friend to his girlfriend, but that's another story.) As with all catching up, the question finally came around, "So, Becky, are you working right now or just making art?" (Quickly followed by a justification of "just making art.") And I seem to have a new answer, "Yea, I create some art."

How did I ever have a job and actually participate in life? I will (embarrassingly) admit that there are days in which I am not very productive--let alone doing anything of significant worth. However, there are many more days in which I feel like I don't stop moving between cleaning, running errands, doctor's appointments, finishing up commissions, meeting for event planning, prepping the house and leaving for showings, spending time with friends, grocery shopping, paying bills/sorting paperwork, cooking, and the list goes on. How the hell did I work? Who did all of this stuff? Somedays, it just blows my mind.

August was amazing. It was calm, quiet, both of us were home, and I was working on books every day. September has been completely different. I made two books--but for specific purposes and people. I helped to throw a baby shower, I'm helping with my good friends' wedding, our house is for sale, add a few other important details and my head is quite full. "Some art" is as good as I've got right now. Knowing that life ebbs and flows, I am looking forward to a quieter October.

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