Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Dining Room

For the first two years that we lived in this house, Nick and I hated our dining room. It was cold, cavernous and awkward. On many many occasions we'd sit in that room and try to figure out what to do to make us like the room.

This summer, we finally did it. It was the last room for us to make peace with after moving here. And while this picture does not really show the dining room, it is taken from the place I was standing when I realized my own desire to be in that space. It was after dark, I was standing in the living room trying to figure out what to do with myself (a.k.a. avoiding making dinner) and I looked into the dining room and felt the warmth we had always dreamed would be there. Over the last several months we find ourselves hanging out in there to discuss life, plans, dreams, and the day...not just to lament how much we disliked the room.

Nick built the shelves that hang on the left wall you can see in the picture. They made the room. As we processed the selling of our house, we fought about up-lighting in the dining room. Nick felt it was essential. I felt like maybe it was and someone else could take care of it after us...I didn't think it was really worth our time or money. Maybe I still think that, but a few months later and only $20 later, it was the detail that made us love the room.

Our house is under contract now. When we first put it on the market, Nick and I would walk from room to room saying, "I love this house." Now that the end is in sight, I look around and feel a mix of panic and sadness. This will forever more not be ours.

We decided to leave the shelves and lighting with the house for three reasons. First of all, the new owners want them. Secondly, Nick made them, therefore, he can do it again. And thirdly, how sad would it be if the next owners spent two years of their time here unsure of what to do to make the space feel connected and warm? It seems like such a simple simple detail--yet it made it feel like we had always wanted the dining room to feel. Warm and inviting.

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hippiepotomus said...

Home is under contract! Congratulations! THere's no turning back now! Can't wait to hear more about the move...