Friday, October 20, 2006


The last two weeks have been full. Many of the things we have been eagerly anticipating--whether an actual event or information or whatever--have come together in the last several days. It is A LOT to process.

This weekend Nick is with some guys at their annual Boys-Only-Bash. It's full of games, conversation and of course, beer. I decided to visit a friend in the town I grew up in. It is crazy how familiar everything is and simultaneously how much it has all changed. The buildings all look the same, but the businesses or uses have changed or expanded. Every now and then we'll turn a corner and I'll ask, "How long has that been here?"

I think the strangest thing I am experiencing this weekend is just the juxtaposition of sitting around, reading, hanging out in a way that does not relate at all to the experiences in my personal day-to-day world. In some ways it is nice to find a seat outside of that for a bit. On the other hand, I'd love to be sitting with Nick processing at the dining room table.

One thing I will say is that Virginia is pretty all of the time. I am always amazed when I return at how blue the sky is, how clean the air feels (ignoring the wet dog food smell that permeates the region), how alive the day feels. This is fall break weekend and it reminds me of coming back here during fall break when I was in college. It was always an amazing part of my year. The crispness, the beauty, the relationships... I always felt alive and it was hard to separate myself and leave again until the holidays.

In general, I think I enjoy weekends like this more when Nick is around. It is grounding to have the current mingle with the past. Otherwise, you just continually forget about the present and yet the past is some other place as well.

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