Monday, November 13, 2006

Cassette Tapes

Well, Nick and I are officially moving to Boone, North Carolina next month.

Part of moving is packing, and part of packing is sorting. And the sorting has begun. It feels amazing to get rid of things. I've always loved consolidating...this is just one of the best kinds.

Anyway, how many cassette tapes do you still own? When is the last time you listened to any one of them?
We just put 63 tapes into a box for goodwill. We kept another 72. SEVENTY-TWO! Seriously, I can't imagine that we will listen to any one of them between now and our next move. Maybe in the next move we'll be able to pass along half again, leaving us with 35. And the move after that? Maybe we'll be down to 18. I figure that by that time, we'll be dividing our CDs as well.

It is a bit crazy how fast technology advances. Especially in my lifetime. As we were sorting tapes, we were marveling about how great the latest blank tapes were when we were last making mixed tapes. How funny that six years ago I still received a mixed tape from someone. Not a playlist. Not even a CD mix. A mixed tape. Do you remember the time and patience that it took to hit record and stop and time out the correct number of songs for the length of each side?

If only we had the technology to record cassette tapes to CD. I know the technology is out there...I guess I just don't care labor over it anymore. If I want to recreate it, I can just save some time and visit iTunes.

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