Monday, November 20, 2006

Step Three

The window is built. I am ready to solder the joints. After soldering, I'm going to build the other window so that I cement them both at the same time. Its the messiest part and I don't feel like cleaning it up twice.

The first picture is the leading in process or as NIck calls it "the lead wrapping". You can kind of see the height of the center rondel in this picture. The second picture is of it all finished.

I have really enjoyed this process. My fingers are cut to pieces, but it is a greatly satisfying task. When building a window after not having done it for a few months, I always say to myself, "I love this. "Why don't I do this more often!" Maybe sometime we'll have a barn studio. A wood shop for Nick and a glass studio for me. Maybe with a glass-only space I'll do it more often.