Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tension is Rising

With only two packing days left, the expletives are flying.

We're getting very very close to only needing one day yet. And yet, we're not there, and we only have one day. Now that the artwork is off most of the walls, it is starting to look like we're moving. Well, the missing artwork and the stacks and stacks of boxes you need to maneuver around to walk from one room to the next.

In addition to packing, we have not finished framing and installing the previously shown windows. That is where a lot of the tension is stemming from right now. It is hard to keep packing when you have a pending project. No one's fault but our own.

AND, the closer we get to departure, the sadder and sadder we are feeling. I have managed to put off the majority of the goodbyes until later. Every time I get together with someone to say goodbye, we make another date to actually do it. Every time I visit anything, I feel sad that it is the last time, and in the back of my mind I'm telling myself that maybe I'll be back in the next forty-eight hours. Who knows?

To top all of this off. We are currently experiencing our first real snow of the season. One of my favorite days of the year. Unfortunately with the lengthening to-do list and the high level anxieties, I hardly noticed. In fact, I was driving in blizzard conditions for several miles before I remembered that this is one of my favorite seasonal transitions and in a normal year I'd be giddy, and dancy and even a bit sing-songy with excitement. But, not this year. So, in the spirit of winter transitions past, I paused, and took this picture. Probably the last picture of our house in the snow.

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