Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Post 100

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Dog and The Crab

Friday, January 26, 2007

Back Online

After several months of scarce posting, I am ready to start posting some pictures again. First of all, I want to change my portrait. Please tell me what you think. Secondly, I am wanting to share some pictures from our fabulous vacation. I hope you enjoy them. Here is the first installment.

We stayed a great resort called Spanish Bay Reef Resort. It was a dive resort, which we didn't know, but I do believe it made it that much better of an experience for us. No, we didn't dive, although we did snorkel. Until I saw the four-foot barracuda...but that's another story.

Because it is dark out (excellent reason, huh?) I am going to post the night-pictures first. The real reason is that they are my favorites. I especially like this tree:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good for a laugh

We had good laugh last night. Even as I think of it now, it makes me smile.

So, when I got home after work yesterday, Jess had made this Ethiopian Lentil Bowl for dinner that smelled fantastic. We were talking for a while and after bit I said, "That smells so good!"

Jess said, "It looks even better, but when I taste it, it tastes like poison."

"Poison? I don't even know what poison tastes like. How do you know what poison tastes like?" At this point I'm already laughing just at the extremeness of her statement.

"Here try it. And let me see your face so I can see what you think the moment you try it."

So, I took a bite. And it didn't taste anything like it looked or smelled. "It tastes like soap."

"Soap? I wouldn't have thought of that. How did that happen? Was the pan coated in soap?" Then she points at this fancy hand painted olive oil bottle and says, "Unless that is soap." As we looked at it, we realized it had bubbles on top of the oil.
"Oh my god, it is!"

"No! I've been using that as oil since Christmas! My sister left it here by the stove and i thought it was oil! Why would she have soap in that? Haven't you been using it too?"

"No, I thought it was some really expensive oil that was only for dipping or something!"

So, we had to wash out the lentils which sudsed forever b/c she had decided to go ahead and use a lot of oil last night. And then re season the whole thing. And then instead of 1/4 cup of lemon juice, we used 1 cup. So in the end it was very lemony with a hint of cleanliness.

Todd and Nick were not home when this happened. When we told them about it, Todd said, that's what I've been using for everything! I had thought about something tasting soapy once, but couldn't figure it out."

And then I said, "I remember thinking something tasted soapy as well, but couldn't figure out why either."

Nick hadn't used it b/c he couldn't get the fancy bottle to work for him.

We've have all been eating soap all this month.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite Quote

Our first days in Boone have been devastating, suspenseful and hopeful. Several people have asked me how I was feeling about being here giving our sooty situation. I can honestly say that I am convinced this is where I want to be. It just feels right.

We continue to move forward on the house cleaning. We’ve finally learned that the home owners policy we had in PA will fully cover our losses. The cleaners doing the job have been great. I continually am so impressed by the friendliness of everyone. After curt phone conversations with utility and other companies in PA, it is refreshing to always be talking with someone who is excited that you’re here and wanting to help you out.

I did come across a favorite quote last week. I’ve been dying to get it onto the blog since I first heard it. Make no mistake, this made me laugh, but I also really have appreciated the overall help from the quoted.

To give a bit of context, this statement was made as we tried to figure out the fine print on the insurance policy.

With a back country North Carolinian accent (and the proper pauses), “ You need a lawyer to interpret the documents. Then you need a lawyer to interpret the lawyer. I don’t know why they don’t speak plain ol’ hillbilly. I understand plain ol’ hillbilly.”

Well stated.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

It has been an eventful month. Much of it good and exciting. A lot of transition. And some of it just not so thrilling.

When we arrived back at our new house last Thursday, all three fire alarms were going off and when we walked through the front door, the house was covered in black soot. Thankfully, it wasn't a fire, but the furnace misfired fuel oil on EVERYTHING. There is a thin layer of oily soot on all of our possessions. We quickly put the cat back in the car, and worked our way into Todd and Jess' house and proceeded to contact the landlord, furnace repair people, insurance people, cleaners and then settled in for the holiday weekend. We had friends visiting, so we were happily awaiting the distraction of their arrival.

Looks like we'll be living with Todd and Jess for at least part of this month. This sort of preempts all of the relaxing we did earlier in December. But luckily there are a few silver linings. It would have been bad (health wise) had we--or the cat--been home when it happened. And, Todd & Jess are some of the best people for us to have to impose on.

I have many pictures to share. Unfortunately, I am unable to make that happen with my current resources. Therefore, I'll be working on sets of pictures to share soon. Now you have something to look forward to.

Hey, happy new year.