Friday, January 26, 2007

Back Online

After several months of scarce posting, I am ready to start posting some pictures again. First of all, I want to change my portrait. Please tell me what you think. Secondly, I am wanting to share some pictures from our fabulous vacation. I hope you enjoy them. Here is the first installment.

We stayed a great resort called Spanish Bay Reef Resort. It was a dive resort, which we didn't know, but I do believe it made it that much better of an experience for us. No, we didn't dive, although we did snorkel. Until I saw the four-foot barracuda...but that's another story.

Because it is dark out (excellent reason, huh?) I am going to post the night-pictures first. The real reason is that they are my favorites. I especially like this tree:


Brooke said...

I love the new portrait of you with Nick! Happy and relaxed. The resort looks lovely at night. The lights are great.

Julie said...

I love the new shot of you both!