Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite Quote

Our first days in Boone have been devastating, suspenseful and hopeful. Several people have asked me how I was feeling about being here giving our sooty situation. I can honestly say that I am convinced this is where I want to be. It just feels right.

We continue to move forward on the house cleaning. We’ve finally learned that the home owners policy we had in PA will fully cover our losses. The cleaners doing the job have been great. I continually am so impressed by the friendliness of everyone. After curt phone conversations with utility and other companies in PA, it is refreshing to always be talking with someone who is excited that you’re here and wanting to help you out.

I did come across a favorite quote last week. I’ve been dying to get it onto the blog since I first heard it. Make no mistake, this made me laugh, but I also really have appreciated the overall help from the quoted.

To give a bit of context, this statement was made as we tried to figure out the fine print on the insurance policy.

With a back country North Carolinian accent (and the proper pauses), “ You need a lawyer to interpret the documents. Then you need a lawyer to interpret the lawyer. I don’t know why they don’t speak plain ol’ hillbilly. I understand plain ol’ hillbilly.”

Well stated.

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