Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good for a laugh

We had good laugh last night. Even as I think of it now, it makes me smile.

So, when I got home after work yesterday, Jess had made this Ethiopian Lentil Bowl for dinner that smelled fantastic. We were talking for a while and after bit I said, "That smells so good!"

Jess said, "It looks even better, but when I taste it, it tastes like poison."

"Poison? I don't even know what poison tastes like. How do you know what poison tastes like?" At this point I'm already laughing just at the extremeness of her statement.

"Here try it. And let me see your face so I can see what you think the moment you try it."

So, I took a bite. And it didn't taste anything like it looked or smelled. "It tastes like soap."

"Soap? I wouldn't have thought of that. How did that happen? Was the pan coated in soap?" Then she points at this fancy hand painted olive oil bottle and says, "Unless that is soap." As we looked at it, we realized it had bubbles on top of the oil.
"Oh my god, it is!"

"No! I've been using that as oil since Christmas! My sister left it here by the stove and i thought it was oil! Why would she have soap in that? Haven't you been using it too?"

"No, I thought it was some really expensive oil that was only for dipping or something!"

So, we had to wash out the lentils which sudsed forever b/c she had decided to go ahead and use a lot of oil last night. And then re season the whole thing. And then instead of 1/4 cup of lemon juice, we used 1 cup. So in the end it was very lemony with a hint of cleanliness.

Todd and Nick were not home when this happened. When we told them about it, Todd said, that's what I've been using for everything! I had thought about something tasting soapy once, but couldn't figure it out."

And then I said, "I remember thinking something tasted soapy as well, but couldn't figure out why either."

Nick hadn't used it b/c he couldn't get the fancy bottle to work for him.

We've have all been eating soap all this month.

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