Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

It has been an eventful month. Much of it good and exciting. A lot of transition. And some of it just not so thrilling.

When we arrived back at our new house last Thursday, all three fire alarms were going off and when we walked through the front door, the house was covered in black soot. Thankfully, it wasn't a fire, but the furnace misfired fuel oil on EVERYTHING. There is a thin layer of oily soot on all of our possessions. We quickly put the cat back in the car, and worked our way into Todd and Jess' house and proceeded to contact the landlord, furnace repair people, insurance people, cleaners and then settled in for the holiday weekend. We had friends visiting, so we were happily awaiting the distraction of their arrival.

Looks like we'll be living with Todd and Jess for at least part of this month. This sort of preempts all of the relaxing we did earlier in December. But luckily there are a few silver linings. It would have been bad (health wise) had we--or the cat--been home when it happened. And, Todd & Jess are some of the best people for us to have to impose on.

I have many pictures to share. Unfortunately, I am unable to make that happen with my current resources. Therefore, I'll be working on sets of pictures to share soon. Now you have something to look forward to.

Hey, happy new year.

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