Friday, March 23, 2007


In an earlier post, I said that as soon as we close I'll post a picture of the house we're buying. Well today is closing day. And, I am going to post the picture anyway.

"Anyway?" you ask? Yes, anyway. We are not closing today. Instead, we're closing next Thursday. I've been super anxious about our broker from the beginning. He consistently asks for information that we've already given him--sometimes even twice--or we have to correct information on the loan documents that we have given him that computed in his brain VERY differently from the given information or truth....whichever way you want to look at it.

On Wednesday night, only 36 hours from closing, I let my guard down and thought, "yea, I think this is going to happen." Thursday at noon I got an email from him saying it wasn't. Apparently the law office, our insurance agent and this broker all had a feeling that was the case, and no one told us until they new for sure. Our broker's supervisor who is working with the underwriters didn't know we were planning to close this week. What???

When I called the broker to find out what the hold up was, he spent 10 minutes giving me excuse after excuse with very little information. And then Nick called him on the other line. He took the call and when he came back said, "To be honest, your husband isn't as pleased as you are." (I'm sorry, you think I am pleased!!!) So, he continued with his excuses and when he was done he said, "Can you call your husband, he's going to yell at me and I don't want to be yelled at because I don't feel very well today. He can yell at me next week."

Which poses the question, would I ever say that to someone in a work situation? I don't think so. I am pretty sure that if that was how I felt, I would say, "Your husband asked that I call him back. Would you like me to do that still, or do you just want to fill him in on our conversation?" And if they said, "Please call him." (Which I imagine would be likely.) I'd say, "Okay, I will do that now." Because work isn't always easy.

I know that somewhere this all falls on the broker. I just know it. But, in all fairness, I'll acknowledge that it probably is also largely connected to the property survey which the seller's had done last year, but the law office didn't properly record (or something like that). So, we wait.

All that said, we are still planning to move this weekend. The sellers are great and made us that offer and we have a truck, help and eagerness to make that nearly too good to refuse. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it is only a couple of days, and Nick and I are fairly responsible people. The world has me a bit gun-shy at the moment though. So, I'll feel much better come Thursday.

I do love the house though. Last night when we were over there cleaning, I walked out the back door around dusk. It was beautiful. The air was perfect. The view was lovely. The peepers and stream offered an ideal soundtrack.

Two pictures for you. The first is from the top of the driveway. The second is the back/side of the house.


Jonathan & Kaethe said...

And best of all, no neighbors on either side of your walls! Hopefully, that fact alone will get you through these next few days. I didn't notice any stray cats in the pictures either. I wish we could be there to help you move, cope, and eventually celebrate your new place!

Andy said...

This waiting thing has got to be tricky....not much we can say, except that we thinking a lot about it.
Had a 1 hour ultrasound yesterday morning; arms, fingers, thumbs, ears, amazing, amazing. We did not find out. Take care of yourself on this Friday night. It makes me smile to picture Nick yelling at people.

emily said...

as we dropped of anna with her grandparents this afternoon way out in the suburbs guy said, "it's so nice to be out of the city and see some open space." really, was my response b/c there is a walmart 1/4 mile away and a strip mall right behind us....
"it may not be boone, but it's more space than we usually see..." he replied. your new home looks incredible and we can't wait to come.