Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day two

This is such a nice hospital. I have had my own quiet room the entire time. There hasn't even been much noise from the hallway. Everyone is friendly, helpful and pleasant. I have two large windows with great light and beautiful ginko tress right outside.

The best part is that Nick has been able to be here with me the whole time. They have a lounge chair the converts into a single bed. We both slept great. We've just been reading and using the computer mostly. Its been peaceful and restful. And maybe for the first time, I'm ready to leave when the discharge me instead of feeling like I'm not ready and being kicked out.

We will mostly likely head "home" (i.e. Brooke and Homer's home) late this morning or early this afternoon. We did take pictures of me before and after and some room shots. Maybe I'll share a few at some point.

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