Monday, June 18, 2007

Manual lymphatic drainage

Today I had a manual lymphatic drainage massage. I first had this done following a surgery last November and found it to be very helpful in expelling the anesthesia from my body. After this surgery, I knew I would do it again. In addition to the anesthesia, I had a ton of air/gas bubbles all through my body from the laparoscopic procedure.

For those of you who are not familiar with laparoscopy, instead of a large incision, there are actually four small incisions (in my case at least) and they fill your abdominal cavity with a gas so that they can see to do the surgery. Although I don't really know for sure, I imagine that one incision is for the gas, another for a light, one for the tool (that Nick thinks is like an immersion blender--sorry for the graphic image) and one for the suction instrument that removes the offending organ. However, what remains after you are sewn back up is a body full of air bubbles. Seriously, when I pressed on my ribcage, it felt like I was popping an extremely small sheet of plastic bubble packing material. That was the fun part. The not so fun part was the pain in my shoulders, which is more pain than I've had so far in my belly.

So, all this to say, this is an amazing massage for anyone who's undergoing surgery. Remember it, because it is a good good thing and I highly recommend it for the recovery period following any procedure that includes anesthesia.

One other thing to note about Nick's perspective on this surgery is that he really wanted to see the fibroid-filled uterus. The doctor had apparently never received this request before and sort of stumbled around before he made some joke about not being able to bring it out into the waiting room and offered to take pictures for us. Unfortunately, they forgot to take the pictures while it was still intact, but they did get some after shots of it laying in a medical tray. It's interesting. I have two and may need to scan them in and play around with them at some point. Maybe I'll come up with some abstraction and post them someday...we'll see.

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