Friday, June 15, 2007


We arrived this morning at the hospital at 5:45 for a 7:30am surgery. All went well. Surgery lasted almost 2.5 hours. My surgeon is apparently one of the top laporoscopic surgeons in the country. Anyway, thought I'd share an update. I am sleepy, but thankfully not in a lot of pain.

The hospital is nice and we have internet in the room. Which I love. More when I can more capably type.

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andrea said...

I hope you have a peaceful convalescence. Physically, I have some sympathy with how you feel -- I had incisions in those same fascia and muscles to heal a couple months ago. Get as much sleep as the hospital folks will permit you, and don't presume you've healed when the incision stops hurting -- it's unfortunately easy to strain yourself without even trying.

I'm thinking of you! Hope you heal quickly.