Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If You're Into It

This is the first YouTube Video I have posted. Nick keeps threatening to get a video camera and so someday I may post something of my own...but for now, this made me laugh. Thanks, Nicole!

Oh, and still comment on the Book 7 in the post below if you've finished reading it!


And I am sure that many of you were last week. I just finished reading the final Harry Potter book. Interesting. Different. But good. I'm really curious what those of you who have finished think.

So...if you have finished the book, let me know what you think in the comments. How many of your personal predictions were accurate? Which ones? What surprised you?

If you are reading the book or planning to read the book...you may not want to read the comments.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mona Likes It Too

Before and After

As our final act of puff-back activity, we picked our reupholstered chair yesterday. Apparently I lost all good pictures of the chair pre-puff on the computer that crashed. So, enjoy the slivers!

We are thrilled to have the chair back and love how it turned out. We are also very excited to have finished up our portion of the work and now can just wait for the final reimbursement to arrive!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Saturday, July 07, 2007


We discovered this little next of newborns last Tuesday morning while I was cleaning the kitchen. Mona, our cat, was looking out of the window in an extremely focused fashion. I went over to see what she was looking at and there was the nest, mama bird and baby birds. Since then, Mona has stayed inside. However, she enjoys watching (aka harassing) the birds and so we've had to cover the window so she can't get quite as close and continue to spook the mama. Mona can generally be found in one of many of her bird watching posts. Luckily, she hasn't put it together that they are just outside the door.

This flower came up through the gravel driveway this week. When it opened this morning I thought it was beautiful and made the silly decision to "carefully" dig it up and move it into a flower bed. Only an hour later and already it is significantly wilted. Let me know if you know what it is.

Bee Balm--such a pretty bloom on such a lanky plant.

Calling all plant identifiers (again)...what is this? It came up this spring and since it looked more plant than weed, we kept it. Now it is blooming and quite pretty. Let me know if you know its name.

Hornet Nest #1--I was surprised to see that a hornet looks more like a honey bee than a wasp. Both of these nests are outside our basement door, under the deck. They (the nests) are so perfect and the paper artist in me gets very excited. The part of me that gets nervous around bees isn't quite so much. In general, this house came with a lot of flying, stinging insects...yellow jackets, honey bees, wasps, hornets, bumble bees, etc. At almost any time, you can walk outside and hear buzzing. We'll need to address this at some point.

Hornet Nest #2 (We think this is the Amish hornet nest because when I took a picture MANY came flying out pissed off. Not such a fan of the picture. Woops!)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Today was a really nice and quiet and still day. I started the day weeding and then mandated a rest all afternoon and quilted on the couch. We had dinner with our neighbors and once it was dark sat out on the screened in porch (for the first time) and watched the other neighbor's fireworks. I have to say, this is my kind of 4th. No crowds, the comfort of home, a cool evening, croaking frogs and a personal show! I'm not generally a fan of fireworks, but I can handle it this way. It is fun to hear the children's excitement and to yell back and forth across the pond in the dark. Of course, we didn't waste this opportunity to play with the camera either.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Our Home

Some promised images. I will say that first of all, we just got home after three weeks of being away...ignore the clutter. And secondly, I don't know what pictures people want to see. If you're curious about some part of the house I've written about, or told you about, or that goes with having a house, let me know. Consider it an opportunity to post a comment, and I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, I'll try to take some more pictures and see if anything interesting comes from it.

East View of our House & Garage:

North View of the House:

South/West View of the House:

Our Garden:

The Living Room:

The Kitchen:

Home again. Home again.

We arrived back home last evening around 7:30. Luckily, the house was intact, and at this point, so are we. This morning we saw Nick's doctor and learned that the bone was growing as it should be. He estimated another month off of work with physical therapy would make the difference. We were just so thankful to hear that the bone was regrowing and that Nick will not need surgery.

While we were gone, several people asked if we had brought pictures of the house along. I am not working at getting some together and will post them soon.

However, I do have a few other pictures for you. Here are some images from our "vacation". As you can see, it was fairly peaceful.

Just as before we left, we spent time in the garden and beds today. Mostly pulling weeds. I can't even explain how many weeds had taken over. I decided today that I would collect seeds from a few of my spring bloomers. Here are some pictures. Also, who knew that the onion bloom is so beautiful?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sort of Like a Road Trip

Total Drive Time:

On June 7th, we left our home and drove to western PA = 7 hours
On June 8th, we drove from western to eastern PA = 4.5 hours
On June 13th, we drove from eastern to western PA = 4.5 hours
On June 20th, we drove from western to eastern PA = 5 hours (lots of road work)
On June 24th, we drove from PA to the bay = 1 hour
On June 27th, we drove from the bay to PA = 1 hour
On June 28th, we drove back and forth between different eastern PA airports = 4 hours
On June 29th, we drove from eastern to western PA = 4.5 hours
Today, July 1st, we are driving from western PA back home = 7 hours

(and you might as well make it a round 40 with other day-to-day driving)

What a vacation! And as Nick just said, “Shit. We could have gone to the west coast.”