Saturday, July 07, 2007


We discovered this little next of newborns last Tuesday morning while I was cleaning the kitchen. Mona, our cat, was looking out of the window in an extremely focused fashion. I went over to see what she was looking at and there was the nest, mama bird and baby birds. Since then, Mona has stayed inside. However, she enjoys watching (aka harassing) the birds and so we've had to cover the window so she can't get quite as close and continue to spook the mama. Mona can generally be found in one of many of her bird watching posts. Luckily, she hasn't put it together that they are just outside the door.

This flower came up through the gravel driveway this week. When it opened this morning I thought it was beautiful and made the silly decision to "carefully" dig it up and move it into a flower bed. Only an hour later and already it is significantly wilted. Let me know if you know what it is.

Bee Balm--such a pretty bloom on such a lanky plant.

Calling all plant identifiers (again)...what is this? It came up this spring and since it looked more plant than weed, we kept it. Now it is blooming and quite pretty. Let me know if you know its name.

Hornet Nest #1--I was surprised to see that a hornet looks more like a honey bee than a wasp. Both of these nests are outside our basement door, under the deck. They (the nests) are so perfect and the paper artist in me gets very excited. The part of me that gets nervous around bees isn't quite so much. In general, this house came with a lot of flying, stinging insects...yellow jackets, honey bees, wasps, hornets, bumble bees, etc. At almost any time, you can walk outside and hear buzzing. We'll need to address this at some point.

Hornet Nest #2 (We think this is the Amish hornet nest because when I took a picture MANY came flying out pissed off. Not such a fan of the picture. Woops!)

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