Tuesday, July 31, 2007


And I am sure that many of you were last week. I just finished reading the final Harry Potter book. Interesting. Different. But good. I'm really curious what those of you who have finished think.

So...if you have finished the book, let me know what you think in the comments. How many of your personal predictions were accurate? Which ones? What surprised you?

If you are reading the book or planning to read the book...you may not want to read the comments.


Jessica said...

i just finished it too, becky!

i was telling chad it's funny how the people who are anti-harry potter are christians (including my sister) and yet, i found myself the whole way through all of the books thinking that it was such a christian sort of message. and how cool - to convey the ideas that love triumphs over evil - and that power can come not through killing but through love and cleverness...

anyway - maybe a stretch, but pretty cool, and i like the message it sends to these millions of kids (and adults!) who are reading voraciously - about love.

beckarecka said...

I thought about the christian message a lot throughout as well. Crazy. Apparently there is some of that anti-harry potter out here as well.

Hope you all are finally moved in.

andrea said...

all those anti-HP so-called christians, do they also object to the narnia series, where the metaphors were much more obvious (but the magic/fantasy aspects every bit as real)? sigh.

i finished it within 10 hours of purchasing it at midnight dahn at the southside works. it was satisfying, and a good gripping read, but not surprising. for the record, i'd like to state that i'd always suspected the true identity of the hog's head barman, and that i'd early bought in to the theory about snape & lily evans.

what did you all think of the 'king's cross' chapter?

beckarecka said...

I definitely did not pick up on those two points. But, then again, I didn't go back and reread anything and had forgotten a lot. I have to say...I am feeling a bit tempted to start at the beginning now and read through them all again and see what all I notice.

What did you think of King's Cross?