Sunday, August 26, 2007

Adoption Fundraising

As many of you blog readers know, Nick and I are in the middle of an international adoption. We have been brainstorming fundraising ideas since we started and this morning we proposed one on our adoption blog. We'll see what happens.

So, are you an adoptive parent?
Do you know any adoptive parents?

If you answered "yes!" to either of those statements (or are just curious) please check this out and help us out if you can. (We'd appreciate your feedback as well, so let us know what you think.)


andrea said...

That's good news.

Your link isn't working - ?

Have you ever read Mimi Smartypants' blog? She and her husband adopted a baby girl from China four years ago, and the blog (which is Mimi's diary) includes a lot of interesting observations about the process, coping, enjoying, etc. plus she's just damn funny.

beckarecka said...

Thanks for leeting me know it wasn't working, Andrea. I fixed it and its working now!

I have seen her blog, but its been a while, I'll look it up again. It was before we started our adoption process...