Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Virtual Quilt #1

Last fall I posted a picture of my first attempt at quilting. I have nearly finished the hand quilting of that one and once it is completed and bound, I'll post another picture. Lately, I starting to play with the scraps that were left over from that project.

Below is the first of several virtual quilt tops. I do have a total of 40 squares completed with two different patterns. I'm trying to decide if I want one large quilt that incorporates them both or if I want to keep them separate. This first uses only one of the square sets. (I'll work to get the others up over the next couple of days.)


Erin said...

That quilt is gorgeous! This is a pattern you created? Or found? And by "virtual quilt" do you mean that's a picture of your guide, or a picture of what you've actually pieced?

beckarecka said...

I made the pattern up as I went. By "Virtual quilt" I mean that the picture is of 20 8X8 squares. I have completed all of the squares, I just haven't put them together into a top yet. I photoshopped them together to see what they'd look like.

jess said...

Amazing, I want to hear more about the photoshop process later. I love the idea of the large quilt that fits your bed...unless, you want to make 2 and give me one, which would be fine too! The colors are beautiful and i love each design.