Thursday, August 16, 2007

Virtual Quilts #3, #4, & #5

For days now, I've been working on these quilt squares. Whenever I talk with Jess she says, "What did you do today?" After a week, she just joins in "Quilted." I have thoroughly enjoyed throwing myself into a creative process. It has literally been months since I've been completely engaged with the space and materials to make it happen. Thank god Nick appreciates this because I don't think I've been doing much other than quilting. Meanwhile, he's finished the guest room including all of the painting and a closest make-over. He's rewired some electric in the basement...making the light switch locations more intuitive. He's framed out a window in the basement. He's began our big bedroom/bathroom renovation. He is amazing and in many ways, I think he experiences many of those activities in the same way I do quilting, glass, books or whatever it is that I've become entirely absorbed by.

Tonight Nick went golfing with two friends. I'm really glad he did this b/c I feel a bit bad that he--by choice--uses almost all of his "down time" to make our living space more comfortable. I however, have spent the last three hours on the computer playing with virtual quilting. If I go with the smaller quilts (#1 & #2) I will have two when I am finished. If I go with any of the others, I will have a quilt that may actually fit on our bed.

PLEASE COMMENT and let me know which direction I should go. Here are three larger combined options:

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hippiepotomus said...

I think I like the smaller ones, but maybe that is because I know the challenges of sashing blocks together. I'm not too good at lining things up. They are beautiful! I'm very impressed. If I didn't have to type everything one-handed, I'd have e-mailed you back already, but I've got to wait until someone else holds the baby...