Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Ward is a Girl!

Congrats to our old Glenview neighbors, Jonathan, Kaethe and Amalia!

While we're sad that we can't run across the street and see her right away, we're very happy for them all and look forward to meeting Brinnly sometime soon!

A little fun fact is that two years ago this month, we both decided to start "trying." I remember sitting at our neighborhood labor day party and Kaethe and I shared (out the side of our mouths) that, "yup, this was the month." It was a very undercover conversation that makes me laugh when I look back. Now they've got two beautiful girls and we have one on the way too!

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Jonathan & Kaethe said...

I remember that too! And our conversation at the "No Mommies and Daddies yet party". It does seem strange to go through this again without you two across the street. I find myself craving squash lasagna. Has it really been three months since you were here for your surgery?

Glad to hear you're doing well and thanks for posting about our new arrival.