Monday, September 10, 2007

Camera. Sunset. Movies.

On Friday, when Nick and I both come home from work, I casually said, "I thought about stopping and renting a movie on my way home." He replied, "Do you want to?" I said, "Drive back into town?" (I have to admit, his seemingly care-free willingness to drive back into town and waste gas without a second reason to go was very suspect.) "Yup!" he replied, and then casually added, "Oh, and I need to stop by the job site because I left the camera there." "Hmm. Which camera?" "The nice one." "Oh, you mean MY camera? Nick, first of all, it is my camera. Second of all, it is NOT a job site camera!"

Last year we retired our first digital camera to the job site and purchased a new digital SLR which I consider to be my own. Nick takes great pictures and so I appreciate his use of the camera at home, on vacation, and during our day-to-day-together lives. However, two years ago when we bought new cell phones and I watched as his seemingly became older and more weathered much more quickly than mine, I became a bit adamant that some things are not meant for the job site. Like. My. Camera.

With all that said, our arrival at the job site was timed with a beautiful sunset. And because the camera was left at a job site with a great view and the sun was setting at that very moment, I took a picture or twenty, and my frustration that the camera was there in the first place faded.

Now, with all of that being said, I was appeased with movies during our quest to retrieve the camera. We rented Stranger Than Fiction and Wondrous Oblivion. I recommend both of them.

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