Friday, October 26, 2007

What a day...

I have had a crappy week. The well-needed rain finally arrived, but brought with it five straight days of dreariness. I felt every minute.

But today was different. I awoke this morning to what felt like another gray beginning and followed my regular routine that moves me straight from bed to the computer. There I found an email from my brother. A quick note mentioning an old friend from middle-school and a link. Wait. Is that link what I think it is? Wait. Could this mean what I think it means???? I quickly click the link and I am brought to the home page of a band I've like for years. And on their homepage I see two of my classmates from middle school. Because they are in the band. I was blown away. How many times have a sang along to their voices and never knew it was them?

I went to middle school in Virginia with two of these guys and got to know them better towards the end of eighth grade. They were a lot of fun and more or less nothing like the other guys. I went to another school the following year and maybe one of them did as well. It's crazy to see them show up again and realize they were only as far away as the glance of an album cover. We were supposed to see them this summer in concert, but due to my mid-summer surgery vacation, we missed it and had to pass our tickets on.

This little surprise made my day. I was determined not to let anything else bring it down. Feeling good was a wonderful turn from the weight I had experienced all week. I carried it through work, was nice to everyone, spoke my mind and left happy to be in the weekend.

After work we had dinner with extended family, and arrived home minutes ago to the best mail ever! All I'll really say is that it was an important piece of adoption documentation that we needed to move forward. I wasn't expecting it until maybe the end of November. But it is here!

And to boot, on our doorstep was some fun flower bulbs I had ordered last month.

What a day!

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