Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow, my blog is boring.

I realize that as of late, I've offered little to no substance on this blog. It's a bit strange because life has been busy and full of "interesting-to-me" lately.

This month we've had approximately five different groups of guests visiting-none for just the Friday-Sunday weekend stay. It's been busy. We've had a great time with everyone. We've enjoyed hiking amongst the gorgeous fall(ing) leaves. We made applesauce. We got wireless internet. We considered the possibility that Nick's brother may move here some day to attend school. Each visit allowed us to connect with friends and family that we miss dearly since moving hours and hours away.

We've had plenty of new in our immediate surroundings as well. We've started to work on our master bed and bath renovation again. We have new baby in the family (extended, and up the road, but family all the same). Nick started a new position at work and is facing the challenge of a new learning curve. I have finally initiated the possibility of cutting back on a few of my hours at work so that I have some time for some other things. The adoption is moving forward and lately it feels like nearly every day there is something new taking place.

In my free time I am hand quilting my first quilt (preparing to bind it this weekend), making some earrings (check out the etsy link on the left), working on a 2008 planner (nearly finished and to be unveiled soon), working on some blank books (look for on etsy sometime in the next month), finishing up all things garden (we finally got a frost this week and I am done harvesting), and did I mention all things adoption? There is always plenty to do.

This afternoon I find myself at home. I was about to write "waiting on the go-ahead from our adoption program coordinator about getting some formal docs in the mail", but as of this minute, I'm not waiting anymore. She just wrote and said that all looks good and so I am off to the mail center! I promise that soon there will be new pictures. I'll post about the planner and finished quilt soon. Look for some of my other projects on the etsy site. I'm putting them out there to raise some money for some adoption fees--so if you're in the market for a splurge for yourself or a present for another--check it out!

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