Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missed Opportunity?

This morning at work I received a call on our gallery line, which usually receives only automated second-source funding calls. This time though, they were calling to talk with someone (whoever answered the phone) that was 21 years or older and working.

They weren't trying to sell anything, but just wanted to send me 36 months worth of pre-paid magazine subscriptions-I'm not sure how many but several from a choice of 150. Strange.

The only catch? I was to pass them on when I was finished reading them.

Why? Because their advertisers would get broader exposure.

Hmm. My instincts kicked in and I said, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested." She said, "Why? Is it the selection?" (She probably loves magazines as much as I do and thought I was crazy.) I replied "No, I just don't need anymore magazines right now."

The truth is, I love magazines. The other truth is, I have several that need to be read yet. Life gets in the way and often before I open the cover, the next has arrived.

But did I really just say no to several free magazines for the next three years? Some of which I would probably love to get? Yes I did. If they a had called me at home I may have talked through it all longer, but I am at work...I couldn't put it all together quick enough to realize that they were just offering me FREE MAGAZINES!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Handmade Pledge

You may have noticed a new little badge on my side bar. I took the handmade pledge this weekend, pledging to go handmade (whether my own or someone else's hands) this Christmas in the gift-giving. Having recently started an Etsy shop, of course I think it would be great if everyone wanted to do this. And really, with so many great artists out there....why wouldn't you?

There are many great ways to find fabulous handmade gifts. Etsy is a great place to start. Here are a few handmade suggestions for this year. These are some of the items that have caught my eye and maybe they will catch yours as well, reminding you of that special someone on your list.

Handspun yarn is a fabulous gift for anyone who loves to knit. Jess hand dyes and spins all of her yarn and does an amazing job. Currently, her shop is empty, but keep watching...with any luck, she'll replenish in time for gift giving.


I love these little elephants. I first saw them on another blog and then eventually found them on etsy. I think they're adorable and I would love a set of three myself. The artist also has some owls, bunnies and whales. Check them out here.

I think that these pendants are great. There are many great designs and they aren't very expensive. They would make great stocking stuffers or a fabulous gift for a friend who's personal taste can be captured on a pendant.

Tree on Orange Pendant - Small
Tree on Orange Pendant - Small

These prints are a lot of fun. And apparently the little bearded men that caught my attention in the first place will be updated in the shop this week. This is an upclose of one of the prints. I love the simplicity of them all.

One more that you should definitely check out is Jodean's shop. She is selling adorable baby hats, booties and more. Like us, they are adopting from Vietnam and that is definitely worth supporting. So, if you know any cute babies who need some fabulous knitted wears this season, take a look!

Fuzzy Bunny Hat

One more shop to check:
Woolagain. There are some unique presents and definitely a great concept...repurposing old wool sweaters. I love this scarf, and I am sure it is mighty warm.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post other sites that are of interest to me. I'll also let you know if I put anything new up on my etsy shop. In the meantime, I'll also work on some better descriptive words so that as I do introduce some new find I am not just calling everything "fabulous" or "amazing."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been an incredibly difficult year, but it has been survivable because of the many things for which I feel continually thankful. Here are a few of the most significant:

(1) Nick.
Need I say more? I can't imagine going through a year like we've had with anyone else, and I can honestly say, I'm not sick of him. In fact, I look forward to spending time with him every time we do. AND, he is supportive beyond blows my mind sometimes.

(2) Our house. While it still needs some work to really feel like our own, we love it and I look forward to all of the fun work that will make it more and more "us".

(3) Nearby family. While we're extremely thankful for all of our family, I have to say that even though we often feel incredibly far from our family, the family nearby has been fabulous. Todd and Jess--wow! did they save us this year! And today, we drove to Charlotte for Thanksgiving dinner with Nick's aunt's family. Since we weren't able to go home and see our immediate families this year, it was really nice to still be with family on Thanksgiving Day.

(4) My studio. I spend almost ALL of my free time in my studio. When we first moved to the area, I had planned on not having a studio space. This house had the perfect space, so I do and it is great. I have recently been mostly piecing quilts and have very little to show so far...but I love every minute of it.

(5) Living in the mountains.
We live in a beautiful area. The foliage was stunning this year. To top it all off, this evening as we drove back into town, everything was closed--all of the fast-food restaurants, Walmart, etc. The world does sometimes stop up here...and it is nice.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. Tonight I am giving thanks that I can sit here, sip some tea, be near Nick and just feel that "holiday feeling" that exists even though tonight looks much like any other.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To help with expressing

My aunt sent me this great link. I imagine it would tell amazing things about each of our emotional worlds. I would love to see how my current state would translate. Whether you want to doodle, scream, cry, sing or laugh. This is worth a visit.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finished Quilt

In April of 2006, I pieced this quilt with my mother and learned how to hand-quilt. I finished sewing on the binding this weekend. The best part was that mom was able to show me each step of the way, just as her mother had taught her.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is fun!

I found this new blog called Presurfer that sends a pile of posts daily with random, and often fun links. Check this out. Open it and watch!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

"There is one consolation in being sick...the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before." -Henry David Thoreau

So very true. I'm home today and feeling generally crappy. Nothing to say that I have the flu or even a very bad cold. More the feeling that my body is fighting. I can't seem to warm up, my throat has been a bit sore, I'm achy and know...feeling generally lovely.

I started getting a daily thought/quote from Real Simple this past month when I renewed my subscription to the magazine. I have to say that they've been decent enough that I haven't felt the need to unsubscribe to the daily note. I found today's (above) to be particularly relevant-not only am I under the weather today, but it seems to be a good to reminder in general.

Monday, November 05, 2007

This one is for Erin...

I found a fun online tool today, VectorMagic.

For my own trial, I used a halloween picture from a few years ago. Long live the fork and spoon!

(okay, that isn't quite what it looked like when I saved it...not sure where all the blue came from...but this is fun too!)

Friday, November 02, 2007

One can only dream

Check this out.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

So excited!

Today I found this site. Thanks to Aunt Marilyn, I found them on CraftBoom!

I love it and immediately ordered a set of cards and a book of stickers. I love catchy products...but I don't often act this quickly. I happen to be in the market for some business cards and this answered that call perfectly. I hope that when they arrive next week I am still as thrilled as I am at this minute! I'll let you know.

Several of their products are very cool. They have many different designers, but there were only two that I personally drooled over. You can also used your own images.

Just to prove how excited I am, I even signed up for their newsletter. I usually avoid those opportunities like the plague! I need to start coming up with legitimate reasons to make more!