Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been an incredibly difficult year, but it has been survivable because of the many things for which I feel continually thankful. Here are a few of the most significant:

(1) Nick.
Need I say more? I can't imagine going through a year like we've had with anyone else, and I can honestly say, I'm not sick of him. In fact, I look forward to spending time with him every time we do. AND, he is supportive beyond blows my mind sometimes.

(2) Our house. While it still needs some work to really feel like our own, we love it and I look forward to all of the fun work that will make it more and more "us".

(3) Nearby family. While we're extremely thankful for all of our family, I have to say that even though we often feel incredibly far from our family, the family nearby has been fabulous. Todd and Jess--wow! did they save us this year! And today, we drove to Charlotte for Thanksgiving dinner with Nick's aunt's family. Since we weren't able to go home and see our immediate families this year, it was really nice to still be with family on Thanksgiving Day.

(4) My studio. I spend almost ALL of my free time in my studio. When we first moved to the area, I had planned on not having a studio space. This house had the perfect space, so I do and it is great. I have recently been mostly piecing quilts and have very little to show so far...but I love every minute of it.

(5) Living in the mountains.
We live in a beautiful area. The foliage was stunning this year. To top it all off, this evening as we drove back into town, everything was closed--all of the fast-food restaurants, Walmart, etc. The world does sometimes stop up here...and it is nice.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. Tonight I am giving thanks that I can sit here, sip some tea, be near Nick and just feel that "holiday feeling" that exists even though tonight looks much like any other.

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