Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missed Opportunity?

This morning at work I received a call on our gallery line, which usually receives only automated second-source funding calls. This time though, they were calling to talk with someone (whoever answered the phone) that was 21 years or older and working.

They weren't trying to sell anything, but just wanted to send me 36 months worth of pre-paid magazine subscriptions-I'm not sure how many but several from a choice of 150. Strange.

The only catch? I was to pass them on when I was finished reading them.

Why? Because their advertisers would get broader exposure.

Hmm. My instincts kicked in and I said, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested." She said, "Why? Is it the selection?" (She probably loves magazines as much as I do and thought I was crazy.) I replied "No, I just don't need anymore magazines right now."

The truth is, I love magazines. The other truth is, I have several that need to be read yet. Life gets in the way and often before I open the cover, the next has arrived.

But did I really just say no to several free magazines for the next three years? Some of which I would probably love to get? Yes I did. If they a had called me at home I may have talked through it all longer, but I am at work...I couldn't put it all together quick enough to realize that they were just offering me FREE MAGAZINES!

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