Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Year in Review meme

I picked up this idea from an adoption blog that I follow. The idea is to take the first sentence from your first posts of each month over the last year. I'll do this today and tomorrow I'll give my actual "Year in Review". If you have a blog, you should do one too! And if you do, please drop me a comment so that I can see yours as well. Surely it will be more interesting than this! Tomorrow's post may offer a bit more information to these odd post-beginners.

January: "It has been an eventful month."
February: "Oh to be on the beach...."
March: "We continue to work through the displaced housing situation."
April: "On Friday, we finally completely closed on the house."
May: "It is Spring."
June: "Today we're headed to PA for a few weeks."
July: "Total Drive Time:"
August: "He's such a cutie!"
September: "Sunset on the Chesapeake."
October: "Neil and Susanna were nice enough to include us as a stop on their vacation last week."
November: "Today I found this site."
December: "I can't believe it is December."

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