Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007...See ya!

Wow. What a year, what a year, what a year. I thought that I would reflect on the actual events of this past year and hopefully leave them all behind as I enter into 2008. So, here are our personal highs and lows from the previous year.

~We rang in the new year at Todd & Jess' house with Erin & Keith.
~Moved into Todd & Jess house b/c days before our new rental had a furnace malfunction and blasted soot all over our things.
~Found jobs much sooner than expected.

~Met with a fertility doctor for the first time and learned that not only were we facing a full-force resurgence of uterine fibroids, but several hormones were elevated and our chances of pregnancy were slim. And they became slimmer and slimmer as we learned more and more.
~Jess and Todd got pregnant.
~We made a low offer on a house and it was accepted!

~We signed on the house, moved in and began cleaning our stuff that had been in storage for months. Nick's parents were here for NC move part 2. 

~We sent our initial application to our adoption agency and were accepted!
~We went to Pittsburgh to get two MRI tests.
~Nick was in a car accident, totaled his truck, broke his left humerus and was out of work for the next 4.5 months.
~Our first visitors came: Emily, Guy & Anna, Erin H., and Mom and Dad.

~We decided to schedule a hysterectomy in Pittsburgh in June.
~More visitors came: Jess, Chad & Esme.
~My doctor had a accident and was unable to do my surgery, but ultimately I ended up seeing her partner who is a top-notch non-invasive surgeon, so instead of a traditional (full-incision) hysterectomy I had a laporoscopic procedure. Lucky break. (No pun intended.)
~Grief began to set in. And it sucked.

~More visitors came: Erin & Keith came for our birthdays.
~We left for PA and I had the surgery.
~Spent our first days at the cabin that would eventually become our family cottage!

~Returned home. (Weeds from hell).
~Returned to work. (Me, not Nick.)
~More visitors came: Nick's mom, Brooke & Homer.
~Nick's Grandmother died. Returned to PA for funeral.

~Our nephew, Jacob, was born.
~We began our adoption homestudy.

~We went to the Chesapeake Bay for Labor Day and met Jacob for the first time.
~Nick went back to work, immediately promoted into a new role.

~We went to Charlotte for our adoption fingerprinting.
~We had more visitors: Neil & Susanna, Deb, Zach & Johan, Nick's parents & brother, Marilyn and Larry.
~Todd & Jess' baby, Ben, was born.
~We received permission from USCIS to adopt a child.

~My parents visited again.
~I gave work three weeks notice.
~We stayed home for Thanksgiving, with the exception of spending Thanksgiving Day in Charlotte with Nick's aunt.
~Some big changes occurred in the Vietnam adoption world and so we took a few weeks to determine our next steps.

~I finished up with work.
~We sent our paperwork to Vietnam and are officially on the waiting list for a child.
~We went to PA for Christmas.
~Nick had a root canal.
~Mom and Dad signed on a cabin at the bay.

I have these high hopes that tonight at midnight, the world will turn right-side-up and things will be much smoother this year. But, I also realize that while our lows were BIG, we had just as many highs. The one thing this list doesn't demonstrate is the amount of extra paperwork life threw at us in 2007. Two insurance claims, an adoption, buying a house, moving twice, etc. There is surely more to come in 2008, but I am happy to say that the majority of it is behind us. I'm hoping for some quiet, uneventfulness in this new year, although a completed adoption would be nice.

We loved having so many people visit this year. We've been told that it tapers off after the first year. So, if you haven't visited us yet or you would like to visit us again, let us know. We'd love to host you sometime in 2008!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have fun ringing it in this evening and that you enjoy the days, weeks and months to come.  

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