Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Week Last Year

Well, this week last year, we were here. As in, it has been an entire year since we packed up all of our things and said goodbye to our friends and neighbors in Pittsburgh. We had about 25 people show up to help us pack up the truck including family from the eastern part of the state.

I remember small details of the day:
The little babies who are now toddlers.
Being intrigued by the repetitive "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on the side of each pizza box that Brooke & I picked up in Shadyside.
The catch in my throat as I saw the soap in the sink one last time.
The emotion that was at bay until the very last minutes.
The friends who stayed until the very last minute.
Our great neighbors who put together snacks for the road and gathered information for possible hotels we could stay in on our drive.
Visiting Neil & Susanna at the Christmas tree lot and getting a wreath that would stay on our barn wall until we dismantled last week to make a new one.
A funny, whispery conversation with Sara that made much more sense the following week when we learned that she was pregnant.
Missing what we were leaving and anticipating the possibilities all in the same emotional space.

Wow. What a year. Not really anything like we had hoped or planned. In fact, I can honestly say not a single challenge or blessing was anticipated, dreamed of or in line with a single hope we had for this year. And yet, we've made it through. I'll save the details of this chaotic year for a fancy new years end post, but I will say that I hope more than anything that this next year is nothing like this past one. It was the fastest and craziest series of events that I think either of us have ever encountered.

Oh, and for anyone who has been overly worried about the fate of all of my handmade presents, the machine obliged me today. In fact, after whining to Nick about it last night, I showed him everything I had tried and how nothing had worked. Except, of course, it did that time. Go figure.

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The Wards said...

I've been thinking a lot about that time too.

What I remember from last year: your fun packing party, falling in love with the cookbook you gave us, and not really believing that you guys wouldn't always be across the street. Also, the tragedy of other friends losing a baby (they now are blessed with a baby girl this week!)

What I DON'T remember from this week last year--getting pregnant. Yeah, somehow that happened too then.