Thursday, December 06, 2007


Tomorrow is my last day of work.

I haven't really broadcasted this because quite honestly, I feel slightly sheepish about it and when you live hours and hours away from many of your friends and family, you can sort of just not mention things and then it doesn't come up. I've often thought about the fact that had we gotten pregnant down in these hills, we could have likely hidden the fact for some time. And, I guess we actually did keep our adoption secret for about three months for the most part. Not running into people, or talking to them regularly gives you a bit more opportunity (with less effort) to just compartmentalize different parts of your life.

But, I decided to just own that tomorrow is my last day and put it out there. I don't have a plan. Part of the plan is actually to not have a plan. This has been a hellish year and my mind and body are fighting back a bit as the weight of the stress works its way out of our lives. It's a bit hard to own this need because the choice to stay home with children is challenging enough for some people to understand...but for most people, the idea of staying home without children just doesn't make sense. Except, it does for me.

I bought a few books and some new supplies and I guess this is just going to be a time of rest and reflection and hopefully some revival as well. Every now and then I get ideas of how I'll structure each day, or the production goals that I have for this time and then I stop and remind myself that the goal is only to rest and not have a plan.

Who knows, maybe with the space to begin reflecting on more than the million details we're juggling between the puff-back, Nick's accident, adoption, grad school and work, I'll find something interesting to blog about. Some people start blogs and don't tell friends and family so that they can reflect freely. Well, I'm not going to start a third blog, and most likely it won't just be adoption I guess parts of it might just fall here. We'll see.

In the meantime, have you been buying handmade? I do have some new things to update my etsy shop, so hopefully I'll get to that soon. Maybe next week should just be a rest & etsy week.

One last thing. This week we took a picture in our living room for some adoption paperwork that we're working to complete. This it the first year we've really decorated for Christmas and I am really enjoying the festiveness of our space. I thought I'd share it with you. And yes, I know, we look like dorks.

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The Wards said...

I wish my "tomorrow" was here. It's not yet, but I really feel it is close. My girls need me home full-time. My husband needs me home full-time. I need me home full-time. And as you and I agree, home is important. Much more important than so many other things. So watch for a big announcement from us soon, hopefully.