Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Down Comforter

Last December, in our puff-back, we lost our beloved down comforter. In fact, it was on the bed that got hit the hardest. Even in its death it was wonderful...it saved the quilt that Nick's grandmothers made together for him. We've missed this comforter quite a bit this winter. Piles of beautiful quilts don't offer quite the same special warmth and weight that a down comforter can deliver.

So, yesterday, our new down comforter arrived. Besides the fact that I seem to have tweaked my back again carrying the box from the basement door--where UPS insists on leaving all packages--up the basement stairs, I was thrilled. When I opened the box though, my first thought was...this is not as thick and wonderful as our old one.

A little while later Nick brought the comforter to me on the couch in an effort to get the afgan for his own use. I was very warm, very quickly, but figured that it was because it was still folded up in four as it rested on my lap. So, when we went to bed, we stripped the bed, pulled off and folded 3 of the 4 blankets previously keeping us warm and thought, 'one quilt and this comforter should be plenty.'

Plenty? Try ridiculous. I think it was just pay-back for assuming its inferiority to our first. I spent the majority of the night furiously hot. Of course, I was too miserable to get up and do anything. My back was really feeling crappy, I had to pee, I was burning up and the cat loved the new comforter. I don't mean love in the way that she stretched out fully on top, but more in the way of "I love this comforter! It's great for flips, and chases, and pretending that there is a mouse underneath!"

Nick is pretty amazing though. He removed the quilt, listened to me bitch about the unfinished bathroom, (hopefully he remembers that when I am sane I am also patient about this project), and threw the cat out....even though she made her way back in. Seriously, she was like a kid with a new trampoline. Unfortunately, when I am uncomfortably awakened in the middle of sleeping, I am not very friendly. I've got to work on this.

Meanwhile, I am still excited about this comforter, even though I am pretty sure that is why my back is spasming again today. Between carrying the box and jolting up in fear in the middle of the night every time the cat attacked the blanket, I'm pretty much going to be spending all day on the couch.

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