Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Friends

Today is my fifth day in Pittsburgh. I have had a wonderful time visiting with friends. Lucky for me, a lot of that time has been over good food, as well.

On Thursday night I went out with a group of old co-workers. I don't know that last time I laughed that hard. I had so much fun. I always was and remain to be so amazed by how comfortable I am with that group of people. It was great to catch up, hear stories, discuss life, etc. It felt like I had never left.

Several of us are no longer working there anymore and all (well, almost) of us felt that we were both glad to be gone and that we miss it. I won't go into why we're glad to be gone, but I think we all miss the same things that made it amazing: the co-workers and the creative energy. When I left, I knew that for all I was happy to leave behind, this would likely be one of the best jobs I would ever have. I had to be okay with that in order to leave. I made the right decision for me, but I still miss those two things.

I have also had a great time with several other friends. Brooke and Homer have been fabulous hosts. It has been important and special being able to spend time with Deb this week as she mourns the loss of her father. I've gotten to spend some brief time with others as well. I am visiting with my old neighbors this afternoon and meeting Brinnly for the first time, and I look forward to seeing Erin and Keith a bit more on Sunday. With any luck, I can meet Neil and Susanna for coffee on Monday. It has been a great trip, and I really hope that Nick and I can return together sometime this last spring or early summer. There are so many wonderful friends here. Pittsburgh was such a great place to live.

I still have a few more days before I head south again. One thing I may try to do is make it to the Chihuly exhibit at Phipps Conservatory. I hear it is amazing. I also hope to have some more Vietnamese food and a little bit of Indian before I leave. The time is going to fly!

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The Wards said...

I just posted the adorable pictures from yesterday. How precious! We really valued your time here. And remember, those beautiful snow showers do lead to not-so-lovely shoveling.