Wednesday, January 02, 2008


As anyone reading this is probably aware, I am enjoying quilting and sewing a lot these days. Last week when we were at Nick's grandmother's auction, I really liked looking at all of the quilts and quilt tops that she had made. Apparently everyone else did as well because they all went for several hundred dollars. We were lucky to find an old quilt in one of the boxes that we bought. It's a bit tattered and has some stains, but it is still a great quilt. I may need to do a little bit of repair work on it. It definitely has that worn quilt look.

But, that wasn't all. We got her old sewing machine. Its a Pfaff. (I think that's spelled correctly.) It was serviced routinely and the only sewing machine that several of her children can remember her having. I am not sure how it will work for me. It doesn't has all of the bells and whistles of modern machines, but it is housed in a great sewing table and hopefully it is a strong machine. Unfortunately, we didn't bring it home yet though. It wouldn't fit in the car. Maybe next time someone visits it can hitch a ride.

In addition, I got a couple bags of old fabric remnants. They came from the box that she'd throw fabric scraps in to later pull out when she made a new quilt. So, I decided to go ahead and make one more quilt from her remnants. I spent most of new years day piecing together this small trip around the world. I had been reading different blogs that talked about using thrifted vintage fabrics, etc. I loved the idea but didn't expect to come across any of my own. I have to say though, while I love the variety of textures... I would not have purchased most of these because of the fabric blends. Super synthetic. I used interfacing on several of the squares that needed a bit more support to hold their shape.

I may add a border around it before finishing the top. I haven't completely decided about the back. I have two options (I think). I may have enough of an off-white muslin from the same stash. I'd love to create something exclusively from her stash, but realize that it may not be possible. So, the second option is this:

It's a huge bolt of wool. The plan is to knot the quilt with some embroidery thread that I picked up at Nick's other grandmother's sale a few years ago. The wool would help make it a heavy comforter. We'll see what happens. I may try the off-white muslin and if I don't have enough, go with this.

The plan had been to get to the point where I was ready to knot it today. My back had other ideas though. I've been having muscle spasms since this morning and haven't been off the couch hardly at all. Finally we've gotten some snow-it has been snowing all day. I had hoped to be out taking photographs. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Oh, and I also got that great vintage thread at the auction, too! I don't have a solid plan for that yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

I think your wool you have as a option for the backing looks as though it was purchased to go with the little top you made, the colors appear to go very well together! It would be a great little quilt made from fabrics from both grandmothers :O).

Hope your back gets better quickly..

vintagechica said...

I love the wool paired with the patchwork...looks great together.