Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snowy Sunday

It is a beautiful snowy day in Pittsburgh. Brooke and I were discussing how quiet, peaceful and safe snowy Sunday mornings feel in the city. It has at least flurried every day I have been here. I love it. I wish this would happen more in the mountains where I live.

I wanted to remind people of this. Any comments between now and Thursday will be included. I have thoroughly enjoyed the comments you all have left so far.

I had the opportunity this weekend to play with Brooke's sewing machine some. It can do many things that my own machine cannot. I need to go home and play with my own a bit more, but as far as I know, I can sew a straight line or a zigzag line. Nothing fancy. Fabulous for piecing, or functional sewing but, I am a ready for some embellishment options. So, what do you know? I know that at least a few of you know more than me about sewing and sewing machines. (Quite possibly more than a own knowledge is fairly limited.) Do you have any affordable recommendations? What should I look for? What should I know? Do you have a machine you love? One you don't? Please share as much as you can.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Well I have been sewing since I was a kid in 4-H Club :O)...

I would say check out the Brother Sewing Machines. You will get a lot more features and attachments for each dollar you spend... They are quality machines. I have not had any problems with any that I have owned. What you won't get is a "name" or "label" to throw around... Bernina, Viking, etc. I am not saying those are not good machines, just that you are paying for the Name. I would rather have features, attachments etc. I can use :O).

Do a list of features and attachments you get on each machine you look at and how much they cost. You will notice quite a difference. Also ask how much additional feet etc. are. You will be shocked at the price difference between say a 1/4 " quilting foot for a Brother verses say a Bernina. Or a Free motion quilting foot or a walking foot. etc.
Some machines will not take generic feet either forcing you to buy their brand, some will.

I also would not buy a machine anywhere that would not let me return it for a full refund not store credit, no questions asked!

For me I could care less what name is on the machine, I want as much for my dollar in a quality machine as I can get!

My DH got me a Kenmore the first year we were together for Christmas(1983),it had about 12 decorative Stitches and a ruffler attachment! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! :O) still makes me all sappy thinking about it LOL anyway...
It was one of the metal body ones they used to manufacture,they were work horses! You also got a lot for your $ with them. Then they totally changed the way they made them and the quality of the parts, the machines suffered greatly in my opinion. I can't buy parts for mine anymore. I still have it and use it just as a ruffler machine, for some reason I can still put the ruffler attachment on it and it works, it just doesn't want to make a straight stitch anymore. Something to do with the bobbin casing and some other little piece in there being slightly bent.I am glad I can still use it as a ruffler, I have a sentimental attachment to the crazy thing because my DH got it for me that first year :O)...

So for now today Brother is my choice. Quality, features and attachments, dollar for dollar. Oh and no I am not affilated with Brother in anyway ROFL.

Of course you know Sewing machines are like cars, everyone has a favorite make and model LOL...

hippiepotomus said...

Well...I can't really speak to the last comment, as I have a pretty basic singer that was my mother's and has been quite a workhorse.

However, I worked in a fabric store with a guy who repaired machines. He and his wife swore by Berninas. He attended repair workshops for all kinds of machines and really felt that Berninas were the best on the market. Both of the low-end machines that we sold in the store had a lot of decorative stitches. I can relate to the last comment that the quilting foot for my Singer was pretty cheap, and I think that it is pretty expensive on the Bernina.

Personally, I like that my machine isn't all plastic and electronic. I don't know if you can even buy machines like that any more.