Saturday, January 19, 2008


Nick and I worked together on Thursday to set up a more useable space for me in the studio. (a.k.a. Get off the floor already!) New shelves, new hooks, rearranging furniture, etc. If you were to stop by, here is some of what you would find in my studio. For starters, Mona-our cat- loves to be in here with me when she can...especially lately b/c Nick is often banging around upstairs on our bed/bath remodel. She's not so fond of commotion.

This is a project I started in December (maybe November). I've been frustrated with it for a while and decided again this week to try to make some progress. It will be FAR FROM perfect, but I think I might end up liking it anyway. I have a bit more quilting to do on it and then a binding. I'll share a picture when it is finished.

For the last 5+ years I have been collecting corks to make a peg board. I finally finished it this week. I just decided to go with what I had, and miraculously it was exactly as many as I needed. (If you count the unopened bottle that was in the cabinet...which I did!) Now it just needs to be framed. I'm planning to use some old trim and use dark wine-colored paint.

Jess and I picked up some great upholstered fabric samples from our local free-cycle last fall. I haven't decided the best way to use it yet. Maybe pair it with some tweed on mini-stuffed animals. (If anyone has any good patterns for a stuffed elephant, please let me know...I think that could be a lot of fun.) Any other suggestions are also welcome.

And finally, just in case you didn't notice it in the first picture....I have all of the rulers organized individually. Nick felt adamant that they rulers should not share nails b/c of how annoying it would be when I needed the ruler on the bottom--which inevitably would happen often. I gave in, and as long as I remember to put them back, I think he'll be happy.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

Looks like your all organized and ready to project!! I agree each ruler needing its own nail! LOL...

The fabric samples are cool, I have used those over the years myself! Its great they didn't just go in the dump! Good deal! I made bears with most of mine, this was back in the late 80s :O)...

Have tried googling a free elephant pattern? So many free patterns on the net :O).