Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catching up

I feel like I've been doing a lot and blogging very little. Within this last week I have taken two separate classes at a local quilting shop and haven't posted any thoughts or pictures of the experience.

On Friday I took the Emmeline Apron class. I love my apron. Love it. However, right now it still looks like a strapless dress (from the front) because I haven't finished sewing on the halter straps. I will soon though, and when I do, I'll post a picture.

On Monday I took The-Rug-That-Ate-My-Stash class. Three other women took the class, as well. They are all retired and were fun to get to know. Two of them are members of the local quilters guild and encouraged me to come check it out next week. The other woman is headed on a seven month RV trip within the next month and may be calling me to take her houseplants. They were all saying that no one really likes house plants anymore because they're traveling too much. I do love house plants. It was strange to hang out in a quilt shop with older women who swear comfortably....nothing obscene, just funny. The rug itself is coming together nicely. I took a bunch of random fabrics that I don't really care for and I didn't expect to care much for the rug either. However, it doesn't look too bad. I used all of the fabric I took with me and need to cut about four times that in order to finish it up.

What else. Oh yes! I got a new sewing machine. Its a Jacome and I love it. I used it on Friday during the class, which gave me a good introduction to it and helped in making the decision. I have only had it one day...but I'm lovin' it!

I am just about finished with Blayne's package. I hope to put it in the mail tomorrow and as soon as I hear from her that she has received it, I will post some pictures of what I sent. Other than that I'm working on something for an upcoming baby shower and working on a new quilt as well as a small doll quilt. Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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