Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yesterday I visited a local quilt shop to see if they had any classes coming up. The one that they have isn't the best fit for me and is full. So, I decided to sign up for two one-day classes instead. The first is based on this pattern:

Emmeline Apron Pattern Front

I am quite excited because (a) I'm into aprons right now, (b) I had been eyeing this one up online already and (c) I got to buy some new fabric! , which I never do because I always just use what I've got. The class is next Friday and I'm excited to learn some good techniques as well. The best part is that instead of taking my own machine to the class, they're going to let me test run one of the machines that they have in the shop. Probably not next week, but maybe I'm on my way to picking and purchasing a new machine!

The second is a class titled "The Rug that ate my Stash". And oh, do I have a stash! We're going to crochet strips of fabric into a rug. I probably could figure it out on my own, but I decided that since my crocheting is a bit rusty and I have a zillion strips of fabric that I should use, it would be worth taking.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Andrea said...

I'm totally envious of the rug-that-ate-your-stash class. You'll have to post about what you learn!