Saturday, February 02, 2008

Four months from today....

I will turn thirty. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means that I have had some form of a drivers license for fourteen years now. (In VA, at that time, we got our permits at 15 years and 8 months.) Probably not surprising, I enjoy it much less now then I did then. The excitement has definitely worn off.

I am really looking forward to my thirties. The twenties have been hard as hell. And, while I am really not trying to get my hopes up...I just can't help but think that good things must be coming in this new decade.

This morning, as I sat down to work on something else and ended up reading blogs, I came across this brief statement on this blog.

"-- This morning I realized that I have become THAT mom. You know, the one that walks the kids to the bus stop in her pj's with coffee in hand. A far cry from my Anne Taylor suits and heels of my 20 something's. So, ironic"

Now, while I love Anne Taylor clothing, I can't say that my job or budget offered that image often, but something in the symbolism of the imagery settled in to remind me of how much I am looking forward to my thirties.

The irony of my morning was that while I'm sitting here spouting off to Nick about how in four months I will be thirty and how much I am looking forward to the new decade, he reminded me that he in fact turns 29 in four days! Oh yea....I guess we could wait one more week before focusing on my upcoming birthday.

Right. So, now I guess I'll work on that plan a bit. I've got four days afterall!

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vintagechica said...

33 is very good friend, very good. Happy early birthday!