Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heat Source

We finally got some real snow yesterday. It snowed on and off all day yesterday as well as this morning. It is just beautiful.

On days like this you tend to appreciate your heat source. For us, that is a Carolina Water Stove. I had hoped to link it for others to read about...but I can't find anything other than real estate listings or other randomness. So, I'll just have to do my best. It is a wood burning boiler that is housed in our garage/barn and circulates water into our indoor baseboard radiators. If we're lazy, low on wood, or out of town, it switches to oil. However, we try hard to use wood when we can and last time we checked we had only used about 3" of the oil in our tank...and I'll admit it, sometimes the house is just cold. You can set what temp the oil kicks in, and we have it set low. The other thing that we have that helps some is six solar on a sunny day, that does quite a bit of us as well. The whole set up was a huge selling point when we bought this house last year.

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