Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because it is time...

The grass needed to be mowed, and so when Nick came home from work...that's what he did. It has been so exciting to see how green the yards and fields have become in the last week.

My friend, Erin, flew in on Tuesday and so I've been doing many other things other than blogging. Yes, I did see that Laurie had her baby this week. And yes, I did see the several families with our agency received their I-600s. Both very exciting happenings. But, other than that, I've been doing other things like talking, shopping, reading and drinking margaritas in the sun. It has been lovely. However, it also means for the first time this year I forgot to post my Wednesday picture. So, I just posted one late. No one else cares anyway.

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3continentfamily said...

Isn't life offline great?!? I love it!
Glad you enjoyed some margaritas! Awesome shot btw.