Sunday, March 16, 2008


Right now, our house is overrun with plants. We have several hundred garden starts going in the basement. My infirmary is full of those that are just starting or need a bit more coaxing. And this weekend I picked up a van full of someone else's plant collection.

When I was at the rug class a few weeks ago, I met a woman who was planning to leave at the end of March for a 7-month RV trip around the country with her husband. At the time she was saying that she didn't know what to do with her plants because no one likes plants anymore. Everyone travels too much. Of course my ears perked up. While I was hanging out with a group of retirees and I am not currently working...we aren't exactly living the retiree lifestyle. We can't afford to travel much and we love plants. So, I gave her my name and number and figured that if she called, I'd take her up on the offer.

Well, this past Friday my in-laws and I drove out to her house and picked up 20+ plants that I am now working to incorporate into our indoor landscape. Several will be passed on. Several are perennials and will move outside permanently this spring. Several can be separated again. And several are going to just need to find a spot somewhere in my house because I am excited about the new variety.

I think it is safe to say that if you're visiting me in the next month or so, you may be leaving with a plant.

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